VIMSEN 7th Meeting 

  • The VIMSEN 7th meeting took place in TELINT premises, Athens, on 14-15 January 2016

VIMSEN 6th Meeting 

  • The VIMSEN 6th meeting took place in Sedini municipalities, Sardinia, on 14-15 September 2015

VIMSEN 5th Meeting 

  • The VIMSEN 5th meeting took place in WATTICS premises, Ireland, on 03-04 June 2015

VIMSEN Newsletter vol. 1

  • The 1st VIMSEN newsletter is available here

VIMSEN 4th Meeting 

  • The VIMSEN 4th meeting took place in COSMOTE premises, Athens, on 19-21 January 2015

VIMSEN 3rd Meeting

  • The VIMSEN 3rd meeting took place in KEMA premises, Arnhem, on 02-03 October 2014

VIMSEN Special Session (IEEE CAMAD 2014)

  • "Smart Energy Grid: Theory, ICT Technologies and Novel Business Models " is organized by EU FP7-ICT VIMSEN project (more info can be found here)

VIMSEN 2nd Meeting 

  • The VIMSEN 2nd meeting took place in CTI branch premises, Athens, on 19-20 June 2014

VIMSEN Twitter page 

  • The VIMSEN twitter page is now available (Follow us) here  twitter

VIMSEN Facebook page 

  • The VIMSENfacebook page is now available (Like, Follow & Share us) here  facebook 

VIMSEN Kick Off Meeting 

  • The VIMSEN project started on February 3rd 2014 
  • The VIMSEN kick-off meeting took place in CTI branch premises, Athens, on 21-22 February 2014

VIMSEN Web site

  • The VIMSEN web site is on-air, on March 17th 2014 !